Here's the Best Locations to Elope at in Arkansas-According to an Elopement Photographer

If you're planning to Elope in Arkansas, you really can't go wrong! Anywhere you go, there are amazing backdrops for Eloping. Growing up around many of these areas has given me a great advantage in helping you plan the most beautiful intentional wedding day for you and your partner. Arkansas Elopements are my favorite and for a good reason! All of the location down below are so beautiful and will give you the opportunity for you to Elope on your own or bring your closest friends and family along with you.

the Best Seasons for Eloping in Arkansas

Spring, Summer and early Fall are perfect seasons for Arkansas Elopements. Spring and Summer are typically mild, and you just can't beat the foliage in Fall!

Petit Jean State Part Arkansas Elopement

Petit Jean State Park

Petit Jean is my favorite State Park in Arkansas! This park has a ton of gorgeous views, a rustic lodge, cabins, yurts and a lot of campsite options! Needless to say, you won't have to look far for lodging accommodations.

This scenic park offers a variety of breathtaking Elopement locations! Stouts Point is unbeatable at sunrise, and the CCC overlook is very remote, so it's perfect for a more intimate ceremony and is perfect for sunset! The park is also home to the infamous Cedar Falls, which is a 96ft waterfall that you can get up close and personal with if you are up for the strenuous hike into the canyon! I definitely recommend Cedar Falls for an Adventurous Elopement! There are plenty of other scenic trails, caves and waterfalls to explore in the area.

Petit Jean State Park Elopement Arkansas
Cedar Falls Arkansas Elopement
Petit Jean State Park Arkansas Elopement

Hawksbill Crag Arkansas Elopement

Hawksbill Crag

Hawksbill Crag, also known as Whitaker Point, is located in Ponca Arkansas, my favorite little town in the state! The trail to get to this beautiful rock formation is 2.9 miles roundtrip and rated as a moderate trail. This location is truly iconic and would be perfect for an Elopement or small intimate Wedding. I recommend doing a sunrise Elopement at this location. The sun rises perfectly behind the point of the rock formation and will glow throughout the entire valley. This location is also very popular, so if you are wanting a more intimate and secluded ceremony, this is another reason I would recommend sunrise. You will also need a permit to get married at this location, but I'll go over those details down below!

Triple Falls Arkansas Elopement

Steel Creek

Steel Creek was actually the first camping trip I ever took in Arkansas! So, needless to say, this location is one of my favorites! Steel Creek has gorgeous bluff lines and easy access to the Buffalo National River! This location would be absolutely beautiful for your ceremony, or if you wanted to be a little more adventurous, you could float the Buffalo River and take out wherever you decide to have your ceremony! How amazing would that be?

The Buffalo National River area has tons of gorgeous spots for a scenic elopement. Some other locations include: Sam's Throne, Lost Valley and Twin Falls (aka Triple Falls). The Twin Falls trail takes about 3 minutes to traverse from the parking lot, and is slightly ADA accessible (flat dirt trail). You’ll want to check out this spot for your Elopement. It’s easily one of my favorites! As a result, you’ll love your photos from this stunning location.

Sam's Throne is an iconic spot on the Buffalo River and it’s usually pretty deserted which makes it a great spot for a sunrise or evening elopement. The main trail takes about five minutes to access the main overlook, however it is not ADA accessible. Jasper is the closest nearby town, so if you’re looking for scenic views and a middle-of-nowhere vibe, Sam’s Throne is a great location.

Lost Valley is very diverse! There are wooded trails, waterfalls, caves and more! This location is usually pretty busy, but if you go at sunrise or in the evening there will be less traffic and you can have a more intimate Elopement!

Mount Magazine State Park

Mount Magazine is the highest point in Arkansas! The park has so many stunning views to offer, from all of the natural bluffs, crags, and the lake, you really can't pick a bad spot! In addition, you can enjoy the gorgeous and spacious lodge, cabins and an outdoor amp and pavilions any time of year. It’s truly a beautiful spot. I know you’ll absolutely love this spot for its scenery and accommodations! In addition, it’s very close to Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas.

Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel Wedding
Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel Wedding
Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel Wedding

Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel

I might have saved one of the best for last, did you know that there are 3 stunning glass chapels in Arkansas? Each one is unique in their own way!

Mildred B Cooper Memorial Chapel is located in Bella Vista Arkansas. This one gives me a "Lord of the Rings" vibe and is surrounded by beautiful ivy all around and you can actually follow a trail down to a lake behind the chapel!

Thornecrown Chapel is located in Eureka Springs Arkansas. This stunning gothic-style chapel gives guests unparalleled views of the Ozark hills and nature surrounding it.

The Anthony Chapel is located in Hot Springs Arkansas among the forest surrounding Garvan Woodland Gardens

The Anthony Chapel is a slice of tranquility overlooking Lake Hamilton.

Any one of the Glass Chapels would be perfect for an Elopement or small intimate Wedding. They offer such a distinct atmosphere that nothing else can compare.

Petit Jean State Park Arkansas Elopement

Elopement Rules + Permits in Arkansas

If you’re considering eloping, you want to do so responsibly! Don’t forget to reach out to your local park service, officiant or photographer well in advance about permits, as most of these locations require permits for elopements or other gatherings.

Please practice Leave No Trace guidelines and don’t go off trail.

Petit Jean State Park Arkansas Elopement

If you are contemplating eloping in Arkansas, you can see that you have plenty of places to choose from! Arkansas is an absolutely beautiful state and offers so many beautiful Elopement options! If you want to learn more about eloping in Arkansas, contact me and we can talk about planning your Arkansas Elopement!