A Real Viking Wedding

Sage + Derek

When Sage reached out to me about their wedding and described to me what she had in mind, I literally thought it was a prank. I just kept thinking that there is no way that this inquiry was real because it sounded like a dream come true. Sage began by saying that the theme of their wedding was Viking/Celtic and for me to envision Lord of the Rings, Outlander, swords, drinking out of horns, long wooden tables, mead, fresh bread and whole roasted hog for dinner. I was instantly hooked, and Sage and I connected right away. As someone who has always dreamed of visiting middle earth, I knew that I needed to bring every vision of hers to life the best way possible.

Viking Wedding Rolla Missouri
Viking Wedding Rolla Missouri

Not your typical getting ready photos

Sage is one of kind. Her and I bonded in a way that is almost spiritual for having never met before. During her getting ready to marry the love of her life, she also did Nordic rune readings for everyone there, including me. She acquired the rune stones about a month prior in Ireland! It was an incredibly special experience.

Sage and Derek put so much thought and effort into every single detail of their wedding day. Their invitations were hand drawn and the map was Tolkein inspired (my fav). They wore pendants of the Celtic tree of life symbolizing the forces of nature combining to create balance and harmony,

carved the Web or Wryd on their ring box that also included ashes from their late fur baby, wore real fur pelts, and their handfasting cord included their tartan colours.

Viking Wedding Nordic Rune Reading
Viking Wedding Nordic Rune Reading

Sage and Derek's Lake View Ceremony

Sage and Derek's ceremony was held in Rolla Missouri on Derek's family's property. Again, they put so much thought into every single detail that surrounded their ceremony as well. Sage and Derek leather worked and carved their family crest into their guest book. Derek, Sage's mom and grandma all built the arbor for the ceremony the day before. Sage and Derek had a traditional handfasting ceremony and shared vows so beautiful they could make anyone cry. Although the wind was ferocious, their ceremony was absolutely beautiful. They had a string quartet, all of their loved ones and a beautiful view of the lake. After the ceremony all of their loved ones participated in a traditional Celtic pebble toss to anchor well wishes the bride and groom!

The most badass wedding party

The glowy portraits

Rolla Missouri Wedding Viking
Rolla Missouri Wedding Photographer
Viking Bride Wedding
Viking Groom Wedding

Sage + Derek's Private Picnic

As a wedding photographer, I know how precious some alone time can be on your wedding day. This is something I preach to every client of mine, be intentional with your time. Whether that be eloping completely, having a private vow reading, or a picnic all by yourselves. DO SOMETHING together alone on your wedding day, because trust me when I say, you won't regret it. Sage and Derek's wedding day was 100% about them and their happiness. They could care less if someone didn't like the theme of their day. There was no stress, no sense of urgency, no running around trying to appease guests, it was just bliss. Before dinner and reception, Sage and Derek had a private picnic by themselves full of wine, charcuterie and time for them to reflect on the events that had happened thus far. Sage had mentioned to me that the picnic was one of the things she was looking forward to the most and I understand why.

The Village Rolla Missouri Wedding
The Village Rolla Missouri Wedding

Reception at The Village (thevillage-rolla.com)

Sage and Derek had their picnic, dinner and reception at The Village in Rolla Missouri! This is a gorgeous location with guest homes on site for you or your guests to stay in!

The reception was everything the couple described it would be and more! The charcuterie table was out of this world the dinner was even better! I can say without a doubt that was the first time I have ever seen a whole roasted hog carved up in front of me! Everything about their day was a dream. Every single guest had put so much love and effort into making this day like a wedding out of a storybook. The sense of family, and overwhelming care for the people around them was truly something so special to be a part of.

Also, can we just admire how extremely talented Sage and Derek are?? They painted their own family crest and had it hanging at their head table. I'm still in awe.

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It wouldn't be a Viking Wedding without cutting the cake with a sword

The Village Rolla Missouri wedding photographer

Don't forget about cigars with the guys